Teddy Hodges - Lead Creator.

Consulting and project work for LEADS & digital infrastructure

Digital marketing for 10+ years

BUSINESS Education (2002)

knee surgery #1 - #4 (2004-05)

STUDENT OF YOGA (yoga teacher 2009)

Massage therapist (Practicing since 2010)

exercise science pre-med (mcat in 2014)

KNEE SURGERY #9 Medial meniscus transplant (2015)

startup FOunder: Braceunder files 3 patents, 3 trademarks (2015)

knee surgery #11 lateral meniscus transplant (2018)


My Story

Blessed to have the opportunity to start my business education at a young age- I was thrown into the river and tasked with swimming through different elements of a multi-million dollar company. I have continued...

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What I Do

Help Businesses Grow and Get Better. The most influential way to do this for established companies looking to grow their revenue and bottom line is by first bringing them more leads for their sales team to close. 

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Get Started

Are you ready to take action- Get more leads, improve your digital footprint and be up to date with the standards of 2018? If you are willing to invest in your business to get to the next level, contact me.

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Teddy is a legend! He delivered value all the way through.“

- Dr. Andy Barr DPT, MSc, CSCS

"Teddy has delivered over $650,000 in closed digital leads this year... it's September!"

- Bob Green CFO of Conesco


“The quality of ongoing support, leads, & development has helped us grow.”

- Eran Kabakov CEO of Docola

"The redevelopment of our online presence, website, customer service, and ecommerce was outstanding."

- Glenn Griffin PResident of Extreme Products Group


My Practice

I approach everything I do with a childlike curiosity and a passion for getting better with every experience. I am fortunate to have learned from a wide range of mentors, experiences, and adversities.

I have built the infrastructure and resources to help grow your revenue and Company with more leads and digital marketing.

— Teddy Hodges


Experienced Millennial

I value hardwork, authenticity, and building lasting relationships. I promise to provide honest communication and deliver on the agreement, or you will receive 100% of your money back.