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“You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.”

-Maya Angelou

My name is Teddy Hodges, I am 28 and I live in Phoenix, Arizona. I moved from Chicago last August, because of my knees = the weather. 

I love the desert weather, the people, and the sun. Give me heat over snow everyday.

To date, I’ve had 11 Knee surgeries on one Knee. I was misdiagnosed as a freshman when I tore my ACL and played an entire year on it. I ended up significantly damaging my knee, especially both of my #meniscus.

That is why on 6.26.18 I had a second Meniscus Transplant received a Lateral Meniscus from a donor.

I've taken my experience through a decade of knee surgeries and used it as motivation to continue learning and growing my mind day in and day out.

I've been blessed with a golden opportunity of working for many years in the family business getting experience in all the different areas of a successful company.

My consistent role has fallen into the broad category of "electronic infrastructures" which includes software management, lead generation, internet marketing,  web development, sales team support, email list management/ marketing, operations, IT support, communications, team culture support and more. 

I realized when I started getting very good with different niches on lead generation that other established businesses could benefit from growing their leads by 50 people or more.

So I started doing more consulting because I could help other business grow their success while managing my time effectively and staying out of the weeds of choosing a logo color.

I have done extensive web development and branding for clients, and yes, it is very effective and helpful in a lot of cases. But in 100% of cases, more business opportunity is a better thing... and that's how I like maximizing my efforts to help other business with their bottom line.

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Teddy Hodges

Business Development, Knee Surgery Recovery, Yoga Teacher, Massage Therapy, BSc Exercise Science

I got the original injury playing basketball and then continued to ruin the knee playing baseball as a lefty hitter but righty thrower. Four surgeries in one year wasn’t enough to get me to stop chasing the dream of playing collegiate baseball, so I continued playing against the advice of the wisesouls who thought I ought to concentrate on my intellectual brain and art.

I did earn an opportunity to play DII baseball, but after surgery 5 the renowned surgeon in Vail, Colorado put his hand around me the morning after surgery, and said, “it was time to hang it up.” He also let me know the amount of menisci I had remaining would warrant a meniscus transplant in the next 5 or so years..

So the depression of losing a dream came with the opportunity to change my mindset and direction in life.  I didn’t want to do the standard college thing, so I decided to study yoga for nine weeks in Ubud, Bali where my teacher was right… “Beware of yoga because it will change your life.”

After Bali, I wanted to manifest my interests of the humanbody by studying #anatomy and physiology and palpation, or massagetherapy / manualtherapy. So I studied massage in Boulder, CO for a year.

It was one of the most rewarding and humbling and opening years of my life—and it was followed by opportunities to work with athletes and help them stay healthy. I was passionate about this because my knee continued to be damaged with walking and lateral movements in day to day life (more surgery followed to keep my walking and limit swelling that was causing terrible nerve pain).

During this span I experienced surgery 7, and I realized that I wanted and needed my menisci to last 5 years... The altitude and dry weather in Colorado was not feeling good to my joints... Since I had multiple friends at both Univ of South Carolina and Clemson, I decided to move to Columbia, South Carolina.

I got a job at both a chiropractic office and a physical therapist office as a massage therapist. I continued to experience helping different ailments, and started teaching yoga. I realized I was still thirsty for more knowledge and I enrolled in the University of South Carolina to obtain my pre-med degree and go to medical school.

I did get my pre-med degree in Exercise Science and I did take the MCAT, but during that process some things inside me changed and my path took a different turn. My second year resulted in a scope to clean out loads of scar tissue and bony growth impeding my patella,

I started experimenting and creating orthopedic devices to improve the experience of wearing a knee brace. My grandmother taught me to sew when I was 12 so she sent me here old sewing machine and I was off creating a startup called BRACEUNDER.I was lucky to have a roommate who realized the idea was substantial too.

After school, I moved to Chicago to chase after the goal of building BRACEUNDER into something that could ultimately help both the people who've had a knee injury and the people who would like to avoid having knee injuries in their life.

(to be continued)...i